News of the company

Ananta Medicare took part in the scientific and practical forum «ARVI? Flu? COVID-19? The season of questions in the doctor's practice begins»

The season of questions in the doctor’s practice begins». This forum was held under the patronage of NGO «Ukrainian Association of Outpatient Medicine».

Within the framework of the scientific and practical forum, the product manager of the company held a professional lecture for 1,150 participants of the event from all regions of Ukraine.

Alexey Viktorovich ANDRIYANENKOV, Product Manager, has presented to the audience the report «New Opportunities in the Treatment of Patients with Cognitive Disorders» in which he highlighted the importance of using the phytonotropic MEMOSTIM® for the preservation and restoration of cognitive functions in different categories of patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the completion of the reports, all conference participants took part in an interesting and productive discussion.