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Researchers have designed a powerful glue for broken bones

The treatment of fractures can last up to 12 weeks. If the lower extremities are damaged, the person has to stay in a lying position for a long time or use crutches. As The Daily Mail notes Swedish scientists have designed a unique glue that can fix a fracture just in 5 minutes.

For many years dentists have been practicing a gluing of broken teeth. But the existing glues were not suitable for gluing bones. They either harden too long or were rejected by the immune system. A new sample of glue is 55% more effective than previously ones.

The glue is applied to the bone in several layers. It is able to quickly fix even wet surfaces. Several experiments, carried out in rats, have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the glue. In the very near future the authors of the study hope to start testing in humans.

Source: The Daily Mail.