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Adrius for low libido caused by psychological and emotional factors

The decrease in sexual desire can be caused by various psychological and emotional factors, which we will discuss further. You will also learn about the beneficial effects of Adrius, a remedy that can help to deal with low libido.

Psychological and emotional factors and sexual desire

Mental and emotional issues can significantly decrease a man's libido and lead to sexual disorders, such as:


  • arousal problems;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation;
  • anorgasmia.


A fulfilling sexual life is closely connected to a man's psychoemotional state. Issues such as self-esteem problems, psychological traumas, stress, and relationship difficulties can act as obstacles, preventing men from experiencing intimacy with others, engaging in healthy relationships, and fully enjoying their sexual lives.


Stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological states can affect sexual desire through various mechanisms:


Hormonal changes. Stress can impact hormone levels, including cortisol, which plays a crucial role in regulating sexual function.


Mood reduction. Depression and anxiety can diminish interest in many aspects of life, including sexual relationships.


Negative effects on self-esteem. Negative emotions can lead to decreased self-esteem and affect a man's self-confidence, ultimately impacting arousal levels.


Under the influence of stress, men may experience symptoms such as sleep problems, high blood pressure, headache, anxiety, and irritability. Consequently, the body becomes depleted, which can result in a decrease in sexual desire.

How does Adrius help to deal with low libido?


Adrius can increase a male libido. The product contains components that have a beneficial effect on the psychoemotional state and male reproductive health.

Useful properties of Adrius components


  • Withania somnifera possesses pronounced anti-stress properties, which can positively impact the male reproductive system. Simultaneously, it stimulates the production of testosterone, responsible for sexual desire.


  • Tribulus terrestris enhances testosterone synthesis, increases libido, and improves spermatogenesis. Additionally, it can boost physical and mental energy, which has a positive effect on the psychoemotional state.


  • Asparagus racemosus, known as an aphrodisiac, exerts a favorable influence on the nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety levels, while also enhancing erection.


  • Yohimbine hydrochloride normalizes erection weakened due to stress and increases libido.


  • Apilac enhances sexual desire, increases testosterone levels, and improves sperm activity. Furthermore, it exhibits a general tonic effect, enhancing the stress resilience.


Adrius is recommended for use if you have low libido. Adrius normalizes blood circulation, strengthens sexual stamina, weakened by stress, and increases libido as well.



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