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Conference dedicated to the problems of therapy of sexually transmitted infections

The conference organized by the company Ananata Medicare, which was dedicated to the problems of therapy of sexually transmitted infections, took place on May 14, 2010 in Kiev on board of the steamer “Goverla”.

Scientific and practical conference in Zaporozhye: urgent problems of therapy in the practice of family doctors

On April 15, 2010 the Administration of Healthcare of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration on the basis of Zaporozhye Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education conducted regional scientific and practical conference dedicated to problems of routine diagnostics and treatment in the practice of family doctors. One of the sponsors of the conference was the company “Ananta Medicare”.

Lipitin A and Flamogrel is the core of cardiovascular accident prevention

At the beginning of April 2010 in Odessa there was held the V South-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “National standards and indicators of diagnostics and treatment quality of internal disease treatment, 2010-2011”, and one of its sponsors was the company Ananta Medicare.

Usual miracle, or trip to India with the company Ananta Medicare Ltd.

The company Ananta Medicare Ltd., which executes its marketing activity and distribution of the preparations via limited liability company Ananta in domestic pharmaceutical market, is always ready to make a pleasant surprise for its clients. So, apart from conduction of numerous promotional actions, company management of Ananta Medicare Ltd. Headed by Pradeep Jain Kumar, President of Ananta group of companies, annually makes a decision to send the best employees and partners of the company to India.


On March 17, 2010 a meeting of family doctors’ society was carried out in Kharkov; it was held with participation of the company Ananata Medicare and the main area of its work was dedicated to the treatment of arterial hypertension.

Gastroschool for patients suffering from acid-dependent diseases of gastro-intestinal tract

The first meeting of gastroschool in Poltava took place on March 10, 2010 on the base of the 1st Municipal Clinical Hospital at support of Deputy Chief Doctor on out-patient and polyclinic work, Pavlenko Vitaliy Vasilyevich. The main audience of gastroschool included patients, who suffer from gastro-intestinal diseases and take interest in health issues, as well as specialists in the field of gastroenterology: gastroenterologists, family doctors and therapeutists.

Company Ananta Medicare congratulated its partners on the occasion of the 8th of March

One of festive banquets dedicated to International Women’s Day took place in Severodonetsk on March 5, 2010.

Pharmacoeconomic aspects of treatment of low respiratory tract infections

Antibacterial chemotherapy is a basis for effective treatment of infectious diseases. The cost of antibacterial preparations is rather significant, which speaks for currency of studying effective treatment schemes that are notable for economic profitability. This problem is studies by the science called pharmacoeconomy.

Association of doctors against epidemic cardiovascular diseases

At the coast of the Black Sea in legendary hero-city Odessa on January 27, 2010 there was held a scientific and practical conference "Cardiovascular diseases - a global threat to the modern world: association of doctors against cardiovascular diseases", which was sponsored by the company "Ananta Medicare" (Great Britain).

The results of promotional action for partners are summed up

The final and most thrilling stage of 3-month-action for partners held by the company “Ananta Medicare Ltd.” took place on December 15, 2009.