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Ananta Medicare participated in the Sixteenth British-Ukrainian Symposium (BUS-16) ‘Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care - Protocols and Practice’ on 16-17 May 2024

 During the event, we presented our medicinal product Azeonam, which received high praise from leading industry experts. The symposium attracted about 800 offline participants and more than 1500 online participants.


Since 2008, the British-Ukrainian Symposium on Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care has been held annually in Ukraine, bringing together doctors from all regions of Ukraine and other countries. Today, BUS is the largest and most influential anaesthetic forum in Ukraine, dedicated to raising the professional level of anaesthetists.


*Presentations at the symposium included*


  1. ‘Experience of treating patients with military trauma at the stage of highly specialised medical care’ by N.V. Matolinets.
  2. ‘Reserve antibiotics and their place in modern therapy’ by O.E. Domoratsky.
  3. ‘Enterobacteriaceae: monsters that we did not expect at all’ by L.V. Zgrzheblovska.
  4. ‘Aztreonam: a precious diamond from my grandmother's chest’ by I.R. Malysh.


We are grateful for the opportunity to share our experience and participate in this significant event for the medical community.