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Artikon® is coming to football horizons!

Once, the great coach Valery Lobanovsky said: "The game may be forgotten, but the result remains!".

Even today, we talk about such an experience when looking at the teams of practicing doctors of Ukraine. They found free time for training and meeting in Radyvyliv (Rivne region), where on May 22, 2021 a football match took place at a fairly high level of professionalism.

For the first time Ananta Medicare was present at such an event on a partnership basis and even in the field, because one of the company's employees played that day for a team of doctors from Rivne (by the way, the team took second place!).

Each of the team of doctors from Vinnytsia, taking first place in the competition, received drinking complex Artikon® as an additional prize. This drinking complex Artikon® is used in the rehabilitation of athletes after musculoskeletal injuries, especially for damaged ligaments. Fish collagen, in combination with glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and methylsulfonylmethane, has been using by neurologists, traumatologists and vertebrologists in Ukraine for many years and has received very positive reviews when added to a set of measures aimed at restoring joints and spine, and in case of injuries of the musculoskeletal system at excessive physical activities.

The teams that took the second and third places, received vitamin complexes Vitagen® No.25 B-complex+energy and Vitagen® No.108 Imutrin as an encouragement.

This is the first joint step of Ananta Medicare and the Football Association of Physicians “Masters 45+” in promoting a healthy lifestyle among professionals who already have the opportunity and experience to restore patients' health and improve the quality of life.