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VII International Congress of Anaesthesiologists “Black Sea Pearl Reunion 2021” in Odessa

On August 27-29, 2021, the VII International Congress of Anaesthesiologists “Black sea pearl Reunion 2021” took place in Odessa. During the congress on August 28, 2021, the speaker Oleg Tarabrin made a report “Obstetric haemostasis. Current issues of diagnosis. Mistakes and complications”.

30 leading specialists in the field of anaesthesiology from 12 countries presented their new approaches to therapy at the congress. Also, they held master classes and workshops for the participants.

The congress was attended by more than 300 health professionals and more than 300 doctors had the opportunity to listen to reports online in real time.

Lectures were held in three classrooms, simultaneously. After the congress, the participants received a record of all lectures and master classes, to be able to read the reports that they could not listen to offline.

As part of the report "Obstetric haemostasis. Current issues of diagnosis. Mistakes and complications" Oleg Oleksandrovych Tarabrin has brought up the problem of thrombosis and bleeding in obstetric practice. The speaker spoke in detail about the mechanism of action of tranexamic acid and the possibility of its safe use in patients, who are at risk of bleeding by caesarean section or other planned and emergency surgery. In the final part of his report, Oleg Oleksandrovych noted that a new drug Acemik, which includes tranexamic acid in a convenient tablet form, has recently appeared on the Ukrainian market. The use of Acemik is justified in preparing patients for surgery at risk of bleeding.

There was a discussion at the end of the report. The congress participants had the opportunity to ask the speaker questions and get answers.

The unique format of the event has combined scientific and practical program, master classes and exhibition space, by creating a platform for professional development, experience exchange, establishing professional contacts, and communication with colleagues to work together to improve the practice of medical care in Ukraine.

*More details about the drug Acemik can be found in the instructions for medical use of the medicinal product Acemik. Registration certificate No. UA/16987/01/01