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Antibiotics increases the risk of colorectal cancer

The new study demonstrates the importance of rational antibiotic use, and adds weight to the case for colon cancer screening in young adults.

A team from the University of Aberdeen has studied a case-control study by using data from primary health care in Scotland. Approximately 8,000 cases of colorectal cancer have been analyzed, and the histories of 30,000 healthy people have been considered.  45% had previously taken antibiotics. The study shows that the use of antibiotics by people younger than 50 increases their risk of colon cancer by 49%. According to statistics, young patients with colorectal cancer have a worse prognosis compared to elderly. The scientists are going to study the effect of antibiotic therapy on the genesis of colorectal cancer in more detail, and the effect on the structure and diversity of the intestinal microflora as well.


Source: Medscape