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Biologists have learned how to select the perfect antibiotic

Biologists have studied pathogen communication patterns, The Daily Mail reports. As a result, a test identifying the presence of bacteria and making a diagnosis in 30 seconds has been designed. This may help to assign the most appropriate therapy as soon as possible.

Bacteria communicate through molecules. If the molecules accumulate in large quantity, the bacteria realize that they are not alone. This is the perfect moment to attack the body. That is, bacteria are dangerous only in a large group when they synchronize their behavior.

The method was tested on 62 patients in 2016, but the final results have not yet been published. Today it is known that the test has revealed the fact of the dangerous communication of bacteria in more than 50% of cases wherein the ordinary tests have shown nothing. Only a drop of blood placed on the sensor is required for the test. Depending on the result, the test gives a plus or a minus. The design is underway.

Source: The Daily Mail.