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Bladder cancer can be cured by enteroviruses

Scientists from the University of Surrey have demonstrated that CVA21 strain of Coxsackie virus, a common causative agent of gastrointestinal infections, infects and kills bladder tumor cells.
CVA21 is a virus strain specifically modified to target the cell-cell adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1), known as CAVATAK. The study of tissue samples after local treatment has shown that the virus had a highly selective effect and did not affect healthy cells. In addition, the virus is well-replicated, indicating a potentially lasting effect of such oncolytic therapy. The first study involved only 15 patients. However, all the symptoms of the disease have disappeared only in one of the patients, but signs of death of malignant cells have been noted in the samples of all other patients. Thus, the study authors are confident that they will be able to use CVA21 as a new oncolytic agent against invasive bladder cancer, a tumor developing within the inner bladder lining.