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Drug for the dry eye syndrome

Despite the fact that the market is quite filled with all kinds of products for the dry eye, which efficiency are still far from ideal, developers actively continue to create alternatives to existing ophthalmic drugs. A lot of them have already reached the advanced stages of development – including a candidate by Bausch Health Companies NOV03, licensed from Novaliq in 2019.

Most recently, NOV03 successfully completed the first part of the Cobi Phase 3 study. Compared to saline, our candidate provided a statistically significant reduction in corneal injury score on day 57 of treatment. NOV03 also reduced the subjective symptoms of dry eye syndrome (burning eyes and sensations of dryness). Some experts criticized this study, because they believe that the developer has chosen an improper comparison drug. So, Bausch Health Companies project will have to replicate the results in Mojave's second pivotal study. If successful, NOV03 will become a key product of the renewed Bausch & Lomb. It will have to compete with US-approved dry eye drugs.


Source: evaluate