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Effects of Vitamin D deficiency on the heart

Scientists from the Australian Center for Precision Health have found that people with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to have high blood pressure (BP) and develop cardiovascular disease (CVD) than those with normal levels of vitamin D. The study has found that a lack of this vitamin increases the risk of CVD and is a factor that provokes hypertension.

During the study, the scientists noticed that an increase in vitamin D by 10 nmol/L is interconnected with a decrease in the risk of developing CVD by 1.6%. Also, patients with 25 nmol/L are at risk (+ 11%) of developing CVD compared to those with 50 nmol/L. The same results were on systolic and diastolic blood pressure parameters. The scientists have concluded that at least 4.4% of all cases of CVD can be prevented by increasing the level of vitamin D to the lower acceptable limit in case of deficiency.


Source: healio