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Oncologists set a special virus against cancer cells

The virus strain causing the common cold, is able to find, infect and kill cancer cells in patients with bladder cancer, The Deccan Chronicle reports. Scientists have tested the safety and tolerability of CVA21 virus in 15 patients with invasive bladder cancer (Coxsackie virus).

The virus was injected the through a catheter installed in the bladder to the patients a week before tumor surgery. Analysis of tissues after surgery has shown that the virus has a high selectivity. In other words, it attacks only cancer cells of the bladder, and do not affect healthy ones.

The virus infected cancer cells and multiplied itself in them. This caused rupture and cell death. Moreover, when the infected cells died, the replicated virus began to attack even more cancer cells. Usually, tumors in the bladder do not have immune cells. This does not allow the human immunity to find them.

Apparently, the viral infection made the cancer cells visible for immunity. The virus unequivocally caused inflammation and stimulation of immune cells. No serious side effects from the treatment have been identified. No signs of cancer were found in one patient during the operation.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle.