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People who are afraid of a heart attack should beware of respiratory system diseases

Australian physicians, in the person of Professor Jeff Toffler of the University of Sydney, say that the recently experienced respiratory disease increases the risk of a heart attack by 17 times, ABC News reports. The risk is especially high in the first five days when symptoms of disease occurred. Further, it begins to decline gradually, but still it remains as increased for a month.

Physicians recommend to be attentive to patients experienced with pneumonia, influenza and bronchitis. The increased risk of a heart attack was confirmed by coronary angiography. According to physicians, the risk may be increased because of many reasons. M the infection activates blood cells and the blood clotting that increases the risk of blood clots.

In any case you need to carefully monitor your health if symptoms of a respiratory disease occur (sore throat, cough, fever, sinus pain, etc.). May be the increased incidence of respiratory infections during the cold season can be a reason of increased heart attack incidence in winter.

Source: ABC News.