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Scientists are getting closer to an effective HIV therapy

As The Daily Mail notes, western experts have managed to remove HIV traces from rodent DNA. This was done by using drug therapy and genome editing method. The rodents used in the experiment could produce human T-lymphocytes (immune cells) susceptible to HIV.

After using LASER ART long-term anti-retroviral therapy and CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing method, HIV was eliminated in the animals. The first one was a new drug, stopping the reproduction of the virus for a long period. The drug had nanocrystals, which deliver the active substance with a "dormant" virus to tissues. There the crystals remain for several weeks, slowly releasing the active substance, which suppresses HIV activity.

The second one cut out large fragments of viral DNA from infected cells. It is used after the administration of an antiretroviral drug. The integrated approach has made it possible to achieve complete removal of the virus in a third of cases.

Source: The Daily Mail.