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Scientists have designed a new painkiller, which is not addictive

A new painkiller can be as effective as opioid analgesics. An important advantage of the compound synthesized by scientists is that there is no addictive effect. Researchers have already tested anesthetizing in mice, reports.

Scientists of the University of Michigan have designed a compound on the basis of analgesic peptides released by neurons. During experiments in cell cultures, the scientists worked on an analgesic, which would not provoke the development of addiction and tolerance.

The study in rodents has shown that the remedy has an analgesic effect and does not cause addiction. The scientists plan to continue research. Before that, scientists from the University of Barcelona have developed an anesthetic, activated by light. When JF-NP-26 is exposed to light, an active molecule that inhibits mGlu5 receptors playing an important role in the nervous system is released. The pain spreading is one of their functions. The pain can not reach the brain when mGlu5 inhibited.