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"Smart" bandage will inform the doctor about the state of the patient's wounds

The scientists of the University of Swansea have developed a bandage that monitors a wound’s state and sends reports to the doctor. Scientists hope that clinical trials will be carried out in the near future. The bandages will be printed on a three-dimensional printer, Deccan Chronicle reports.

The bandaging material can assess a wound’s state and other parameters at any time, for example, the level of human activity. The information will be transmitted through 5G network and help doctors to find the most effective treatment for the patient.

Let us recall that earlier specialists from the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of Biophysics of the FIC KSC SB RAS have created unique nonwoven covers for wounds. With their help a tissue regeneration occurs almost four times faster than under conventional bandages. But what is really important is thanks to the bandage that there are no scars on the skin.

Source: Deccan Chronicle.