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Tobacco leaves - a universal remedy for skin diseases

Scientists have found a collagen in tobacco leaves. It is a protein from which the skin condition depends. In particular, collagen provides its strength and elasticity. Experts say that tobacco leaves can cure skin diseases and accelerate the recovery process in damaged tendons, VladTime reports.

The scientists have described the method of treatment developed during the experiments. First, a blood sample should be taken in a patient with a damaged tissue. Then it must be mixed with the collagen obtained from tobacco leaves. After that, the mixture is administered into the same person. Shortly thereafter, the damaged tissue is restored by collagen.

According to experts, burns and eczema can be treated with this method. The risk of infection is minimal. Another study, conducted at Lund University, has shown that bacteria associated with acne, can prevent skin diseases. The fact is that Propionibacterium acnes produce a protein called RoxP, which provides protection against bacteria that cause some skin diseases.

Source: "VladTime".