News of World Medicine
New strains of influenza became known

New strains could intensify the upcoming epidemiological season

Cannabidiol doesn't help with arthritis pain

In Denmark, a randomized, double-blind study has revealed the ineffectiveness of a compound derived from medical cannabis

Topical drug to treat Rosacea

In a randomized, double-blind study, the experimental drug ACU-D1 has been shown to be safe

Mysterious fever kills children

12 children have died from a viral fever. Scientists say that none of these cases is associated with coronavirus infection

A deadly new virus in Africa

The first case of infection with Marburg virus has been confirmed in West Africa

Wormwood-based drug may save you from malaria

Artesunate has shown a good safety and efficacy profile in the treatment of severe malaria in adults

New method to treat COVID-19

Scientists are going to treat COVID-19 with the venom of Brazilian viper

New antiviral drugs to treat herpes and COVID-19

The new development can be the basis for a new category of antiviral drugs. They will be able to cover a very wide range of infections, such as herpes and COVID-19

Effect of vitamin D on patients with prediabetes

The clinical study did not find a significant effect of vitamin D on the condition of the kidneys in patients with prediabetes

Weight loss when switching the treatment from insulin to dulaglutide

The decreased HbA1 and body weight loss as early as six months were observed in patients switched from insulin therapy to dulaglutide