News of World Medicine
The long-awaited and promising antipsychotic from Alkermes company

The new combined oral antipsychotic can be used in combination therapy.

Safe and effective analgesic derived from sunflower

Natural peptide from sunflower seeds has every chance to become a new effective and safe analgesic.

Amber antibiotics

Paleopharmaceuticals based on Baltic amber are effective against drug-resistant infections

A powerful antifungal agent has been found in anthills

Researchers have isolated the compound attinimycin, which is synthesized by Pseudonocardia and Streptomyces bacteria

The drug for complete dental recovery

Scientists from Kyoto University and Fukui University have managed to stimulate tooth growth in mice suffering from congenital dental agenesis

Herbal coronavirus vaccine from Canada

Canadian scientists have designed a herbal coronavirus vaccine

Psychedelic for resistant depression

A biotech company is rapidly developing its leading candidate – the inhaled drug GH001

Drug for the dry eye syndrome

Bausch Health Companies NOV03 has successfully completed the first part of the Phase 3 study.

Developing a method for treating a fatal brain disease

In Tokyo, scientists have designed a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease


Scientists believe that low total lipid levels and, in particular, HDL cholesterol in the period of acute coronavirus infection may be a prognostic marker of a severe course of the disease.