Roche makes progress in developing new drug for cancer immunotherapy

The FDA has announced the breakthrough therapy status of the combination of two Roche antibodies

New drug for hypoparathyroidism

The American regulator has granted the status of an orphan-drug to the experimental drug AZP-3601 manufactured by Amolyt Pharma.

Cure for PMS symptoms

Scientists have introduced a new class of drugs for treating PMS symptoms.

 Vitamins C and E combination helps with Parkinson's disease

The effect of taking certain antioxidants on the risk of developing Parkinson's disease has been studied

Scientists will improve ear drops using a special hydrogel

Scientists from the University of Montana have developed a thermostable gel for ear drops.

For the first time, injectable drugs can be replaced with a robotic tablet

Rani Therapeutics has long been working on a robotic tablet designed to replace drug injections requiring frequent administration.

Genome editing is one of the ways to defeat cancer

For the first time scientists have successfully used CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology to treat malignant tumors.

Development of a new powerful antibiotic agent

Scientists from America have managed to develop a promising compound - T405, which can destroy an extremely dangerous pathogen Mycobacterium abscessus, which is resistant to existing antibiotics.

Osteoporosis and COVID-19

«Every little thing counts in a crisis» - Jawaharlal Nehru