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Scientists have discovered the secret weapon of deadly viruses

A human has a well thought-out, multistage protection against various pathogens known as the immune system. However, this system does not always cope with its task. According to Federal News Agency, scientists of McGill University have found out how deadly viruses attack the human immune system.

Australian researchers have found an

Healthy cells have a mechanism that stops inflammation in time. However this mechanism fails with some diseases. Inflammation presents in diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, gout and liver pathology. Scientists of Queensland University have found out how cells regulate the start and stop of inflammation, Zee News reports.

Scientists have made a breakthrough in the treatment of asthma

Modern treatment methods for asthma have many side effects. Medicinal products often quickly become ineffective, and some of them are simply toxic to humans. As The Daily Mail notes, American scientists together with their Chinese counterparts have developed a new medicine that can make life easier for patients with asthma.

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In January 2018, the new product Askomin manufactured by "Ananta Medicare LTD" was presented on the Ukrainian market.

Scientists have managed to curb cancer by putting the affected cells into hibernation

Researchers have discovered a new potential drug - diphenyleneiodonium chloride (DPI). The drug successfully "turns off" the cancer stem cells, preventing their reproduction. The agent stops the spread of cancer cells without causing any side effects of traditional chemotherapy.

Vitamin D3 has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system

Researchers from the University of Ohio have found that the sun's rays are useful for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin D3, produced in the body due to sunlight exposure, can restore the tissues of the heart and blood vessels, Medical Xpress reports.

Epidemiologists: the pandemic strain of influenza has not gone anywhere

Robert Koch Institute has shown the statistics of flu virus for today. According to the statistics for Germany, this winter more harmless viruses dominate, but this does not mean that we can relax, "Medik Forum" notes.

A new drug might cure a multiple sclerosis

Pharmaceutical companies Servier and GeNeuro seem to have made a medical breakthrough. They published preliminary results of a clinical trial of a new drug, GNbAC1, designed to help people with remission-relapsing multiple sclerosis (RRS), Remedium reports.

Tablet unfolding in the stomach - a new salvation from HIV

American scientists have designed an oral drug against HIV, which can be taken once a week. Today patients have to take medications every day. As BBC notes, after successful experiments in pigs, the researchers can initiate clinical tests in humans in the next two years. This is a tablet that slowly releases active substances.

Researchers approached the creation of new methods of treating the nervous system diseases

Researchers from the US have discovered a new level of regulation of the connections between neurons and other cells. It turns out that α-ketoglutarate, formed in Krebs cycle that takes place in mitochondria, plays an important role in the transmission of neural signals, Medical Xpress reports.